1, green hotel project

As a place of accommodation, leisure, meeting, etc., the interior of a hotel should be comfortable and clean, providing the best service for guests. Facade decoration is required to maintain the long-term beautiful and splendid, which requires higher cleaning requirement of wall decoration materials. By 1200oC firing, the surface of thin ceramic plate is smooth, bright, non-smudge, non-seepage, with strong self-cleaning function, to provide guests with comfortable, clean environment. In addition, hotel belongs to a kind of place with large flow of people, its safety is related to the safety of many guests. Anti-fire quality of ceramic sheets, completely meet the stringent fire safety requirements of high-rise buildings.

2, green residential real estate

Residential real estate is a place where people live, which is related to the life quality and lifestyle of residents, BOYOS thin porcelain sheet has always been adhering to the concept of green and low-carbon, catered to the decoration requirements of green living space. In addition to excellent physical and chemical properties, but also BOYOS thin porcelain tile has different surface textures, color varieties and design styles. BOYOS thin porcelain sheet can be installed with a variety of insulation materials, with the functions of "thermal insulation, fire protection and decoration", and be suitable for exterior and interior decoration of real estate projects with different climatic and environmental conditions in winter and summer.

3, green hospital project

Hospital, with a very large daily traffic, should have so high hygiene and cleanliness requirements. The hospital's space decoration requires not only ensure environmental safety, but also make dust, fire, dirt, corrosion, antibacterial, anti-radiation and other technical indicators can meet the daily use requirements. BOYOS thin ceramic plate, by 1200oC, the surface is smooth, bright, non-smudge and  non-seepage, with a strong self-cleaning function, can reduce bacterial retention and growth, reducing the probability that hospital environment may cross-infection. Large format ceramic sheet, decorative integrity, less connection, small gap, further reduce the chance of bacterial growth, is suitable for all departments of hospital, public spaces and other places of the ground, wall decoration materials.

4, green industrial real estate

Industrial real estate, including the transformation of old factories and new industrial parks, science and technology parks, cultural and creative industries park, logistics park, and corporate headquarters base. The application of thin ceramic tiles, introduce advanced building construction technology, select a new kind of green building materials, create the green building blocks of land, water, energy saving, material saving, producing natural, ecological, green, environmental protection industrial parks one by one.

5, green commercial buildings

Green commercial buildings as urban commercial venues, reflect urban fashion, modern, international design concept. Thin ceramic tile has a rich variety of different surface texture and variety of color styles, suitable for a variety of design styles, with a high decorative taste, while in line with the green building evaluation index that  brings commercial real estate with long-term stable value increase. Thin ceramic tile has many features such as strong anti-pollution, dust proof, indoor convenient easy cleaning and maintenance, no fear of complicated flow of people, outdoor without fear of sun and rain, long-term ensure comfortable and beautiful environment.

6, green government project

Government system engineering is a kind of work place of government agencies, business units. As a new product in building materials industry, the large-format architectural thin ceramic sheet, with the characteristics of "large, thin and light", not only adhering to the superior performance of inorganic materials, but also abandoning the heavy, high-carbon drawbacks, simple and elegant decorative effect  better reflect the characteristics of office-friendly people, in line with the decorative needs of government projects.

7, green municipal works

Municipal tunnels, subway stations, airports, railway stations and other municipal projects is one city's business card, reflects the taste of a city. BOYOS thin ceramic sheet with large, thin, light, hard and other characteristics and mature installation system, construction convenient, greatly reduce the construction period, durability, avoid sticky dirt of cement board, metal plate. Ceramics sheet can also be used as a base material of art murals, custom decorative painting for wall decoration, and it will demonstrate the unique culture of the city as an excellent carrier.

8, energy-saving renovation project

BOYOS thin ceramic tiles featured with thin and light, also can brings greater convenience for transport and construction, especially for the transformation and upgrading of old buildings will have more tremendous advantages, which bring not only lower cost and lower cost, more convenient construction, but also without removing the original stone and tile for building facades and interior space upgrade, can be achieved directly through installation of 3mm tile adhesive and 5.5mm thin tile, which will not increase the weight of building load. Application of construction also can eliminate a lot of manpower, material and financial resources and other costs.

9, green commercial space

Commercial space includes bank, insurance, securities and other financial institutions business hall, supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping malls, restaurants and other service industries indoor spaces. Decorative requirements large traffic commercial space have a certain particularity. BOYOS thin ceramic tile has the effect of stone height simulation, simple and elegant decoration, with beautiful, wear-resistant features, which can perfectly replace the use of stone for outdoor and indoor building walls. Product performance should be safe and fire prevention, large size board male small seams, smooth surface wear, can create beautiful and efficient spaces.

10, green home space

As a private place where people can relax and rest everyday, the quality of house space is so importance. BOYOS thin ceramic sheet has great advantages in house space decoration. Due to the large size of the sheet, making the whole surface less seams, not easy dirt sticky, greatly reducing the rate of bacterial growth, build green house space. In addition, BOYOS sheet with wear-resistant, easy to clean, fire moisture, dust and radiation advantages, ensure the house natural, ecological and environmental protection.