Bathroom tile crack treatment repair method

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Some small cracks on the tiles generally do not affect the use, so in order not to become black, these cracks become ugly, we need to deal with the cracks as soon as possible, and buy professional tile joints to add seams, but also troublesome and wasteful. Glass glue to add seams, technical and too strong.

In fact, you can use toothpaste to repair these cracks. Gently squeeze out some of the toothpaste and use your fingers to evenly apply the toothpaste to the cracks. Wipe the excess toothpaste around gently with a cloth or paper towel. When it's dry, your tiled walls are like new ones. If the tiles are colored, buy a toothpaste of the appropriate color, or use water powder paint against a white toothpaste. The effect of smearing a tiled seam is equally good. Cracks and scratches on the surface of the tile can also be repaired with white toothpaste. Apply a few more times and the scratches on the tile surface are gone.

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