Inside the tile paving great knowledge

- Mar 16, 2018 -

There is a great deal of knowledge in tile paving. It is well known that the production process and equipment of modern ceramic tile are all derived from Europe. The characteristics of ceramic tile production determine that after the tile product is pressed, all four sides are circular arc shapes, or simply round edges. Because the domestic production technology is flat screen printing or roller printing, the use of pigment and chemical materials made of glaze, and then print patterns.

Because it is lithographic printing, it can only be printed on the same plane, resulting in the four edges of the tile edge (2mm) can not print the pattern, the final side of the finished product are left with 2mm white edges, but also affect the paving The beauty of the time is also due to the backward production process. In order to beautify the products, domestic manufacturers resolutely cut out the four parts with white edges, and also solved the problem that domestic ceramic tile products have large deviations in size and cannot be tiled. The seamless bricks are thus available.

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