Solid color tiles - enough specificity

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Pure-color tiles are specific enough because it is a solid color, that is, a color. The history of the tiles should be traced back to the BC, when the Egyptians began to use tiles to decorate various types of houses. People dry clay bricks in the sun or bake them, then paint them with blue glaze extracted from copper. In BC, tiles were also found in the Mesopotamia region. The tiles were decorated with blue and white stripes. Later, more patterns and colors appeared.

China is the center of ceramic art. As early as the Shangyin period, it produced a beautiful white box. During the medieval Islamic period, all the decorative methods of ceramic tiles reached the peak in Persia. Afterwards, the use of ceramic tiles gradually became more and more popular all over the world. In the historical process of ceramic tiles, the mosaics of Spain and Portugal, the Italian Renaissance tiles, the glazed tiles of Antwerp, the development of the Dutch tile illustrations, and the German tiles all have landmark significance.

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