What floor tiles for shower room

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, when the floor tiles had just become popular, colors, styles, patterns, shapes, etc., were never thought of. A brick that resembles a gimmick and a cool, cool ice lolly has long fascinated people. In this picture, classic white tiles are reproduced, with a little green square tiles, retro, elegant and fresh. With vertical Roman column sinks and tall bathtubs, there is an old European style. Apart from beautiful appearance, the friction area increased, and the anti-skid effect was leveraged.

Bathroom professional marble can be used. The bump mosaic method of the shower wall provides an effective grasping area. The embossed design of the skirt part provides direct grip points. It is difficult to wrestle in the bathroom. Even the best non-slip tiles are rough, but the outdoor use of mosaic, so it is better to use it to your own bathroom, plus some ingenious collage method, immediately beautiful and practical with slightly! Harmonious with the green leaf , but the tiles are silently providing you with a service to fight Waterloo, and do not try to compete.

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