Four Advantages Of Thin Plate Ceramic Tile

- Mar 16, 2018 -

1, long life, easy-to-care thin plate ceramic tile surface hardness is slightly inferior to ordinary tiles, but sufficient to meet the needs of the use, its long life, non-flammable, does not absorb or release sparks, excellent wear and corrosion resistance to thin plate ceramic tile The maintenance cost is low and easy to clean during use.

2. Reducing the wall and low burden Because thin-walled tiles are lighter than ordinary tiles, they can effectively reduce the load on the wall surface and the floor to which they are laid. Especially for high-rise buildings, the stairs do not easily settle and deform, and they are light and thin. At the same time, the installed parts and labor costs can be reduced.

3, good floor heating effect In the space must be floor heating, because the thin layer of thin ceramic tile is thin, the material itself is also thin, so better heating effect, less energy loss, improve the space temperature faster.

4, suitable for sanitary places Some manufacturers of thin plate tile up to 1800 × 900 mm, its advantages of large, light, thin simplifies the cumbersome paving process and the number of ash seams, greatly reducing the possibility of bacterial growth, can For hospitals, bathrooms, toilets and other health facilities.

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