The Difference Between Ultra-thin Tiles And Conventional Tiles

- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. At present, the thinnest ultra-thin ceramic tile is only one-third the thickness of traditional bricks, so it can play a role in saving space and also has the function of environmental protection.

2. The method of laying thin ceramic tile is different from traditional ceramic tiles. It does not require cement yellow sand, but uses a tile adhesive as an accessory for combining tiles and the ground. The overall thickness is only 1.5cm, and the cement yellow sand is used. Need 4-5cm.

3. The ultra-thin ceramic tile does not need to be cut with a tile cutter. It can be cut only with an ordinary cutter. The noise is small and the dust is small. The ultra-thin brick has certain toughness and is not afraid of the warping phenomenon of conventional tiles, such as warping. , Just press it with your hand to get it.

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