Wall Tile Selection Points

- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. Take a few pieces of brick inside the box and check whether the surface of the brick is bright or deformed. It is not allowed to have defects such as missing corners, missing edges, missing glazes, holes, and spots.

2, take more than four pieces of ceramic tiles put together in the plane, to see if the color of the brick is the same, the pattern is complete; a little far to see if the overall effect is ideal.

3, take more than two pieces of ceramic tile put in the glass plane, to see if the brick surface is flat; hand press the diagonal of the brick to see if there is Alice; see the gap, the smaller the better.

4, take two bricks touch, listen to the sound is crisp and loud. If there is an abnormality, there is a crack in the brick or there is residual air in the tile during sintering.

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